Doors perform important functions: delimit the space of an apartment or house, and provide sound insulation in the room. Besides doors are an integral part of the interior. We pay attention to the procurement of raw materials and components.
Our company manufactures interior doors from ecological materials, using a reliable accessories that can withstand the dampness drops and considerable mechanical loads.
Our products are durable, excellent sound insulation, stylish and contemporary design.
Albuch R0 Franz Nussbaum_Leiste- RG_Zarge- Soft_IdNr- CB11 Ariva 08_Boire mit Raucheiche_Zarge- Bebo Falttuere Treviso01_G50S_Buche_CanAhorn_Glas- Masterray_Zarge- Soft
G00_AmerikNussbaum_Zarge- Soft G00_Kern Esche_Zarge- Soft Kernbuche Baumstammoptik_Zarge- Soft
KGL31 Quer_Q83 Float ESG Rillenschliff_Holz- Ruester_Zarge- Eckig_IdNr- FA163 KGL34_Q65 Float ESG Rillenschliff_Holz- Rauchdouglasie_Zarge- Bebo_IdNr- FA179 KGL35 Quer Flaechenbuendig_Glas- Xenia Float ESG Satinierung_Holz Makassar_ Zarge- Quer Eckig_IdNr- FA193
KGL35_Q67 Satinato ESG Rillenschliff_Holz- Eisbirke_Zarge- Eckig_IdNr- FA159 KGL36_Q61 Float ESG Rillenschliff_Holz- Tineo_Zarge- Bebo_IdNr- FA156 KHL 28 Float ESG Can.Ahorn_Zarge- Soft_IdNr- FA121
Naomi01_KernEsche_Zarge- Soft Saarbruecken R02 Europ Kirsch geb. Rundbogen Sensiro01_AmerikNussbau und CanAhorn_Zarge- Soft
Trenso20-01_SL50-M33_Can. Ahorn_Glas- Fly_Zarge- Soft_IdNr- DA171 Wella01 AmerikNussbaum Zarge- Quer PW3 Eckig 80 mm_IdNr- DA141
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