Our company has over 20 years experience of
manufacturing high quality furniture to
commission for domestic, institutional and public
use, besides window frames, doors and other
wooden production.
  Our earnest of success is: professional skills,
reliability, approved manufacture, competitive
strategy, duties performs with all diligence and
  Our workshops are well equipped with the
machinery required to produce good quality
furniture, satisfying requirements of the most
exacting clients, verifying the professionalism of
our staff.
   We lend a particular importance for careful selection of row materials, as wood furniture could provide with more than you can hope
for, like modern design, comfort and ecological compatibility, durability and operating life.
Since lifetime our company gained major customer’s confidence such as: TBC Bank, Bank of Georgia, Ministry of Defense of Georgia,
Georgian National Museum, Hotel Marriott, Her Majesty’s Embassy.
   We successfully tendered for Ministry of Education’s projects, besides participated in preparation for inauguration of President of
Georgia in Kutaisi (Bagrat Temple).
Our company takes part in projects even in each region of our country from Kakheti to Svaneti.
We cooperate with well-known Georgian architects, like Paata Kurdiani, Vaja Orbeladze, Qeti Pirckhalava etc.
   Our collaboration with architects from USA and France in the Georgian National Museum’s propositions and with specialists from
Spain (TBC-SENTEO) added extra experience and respect among colleagues, potential clients as a guarantee of excellent quality of our
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